Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Olaf's In Summer Cocktail

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With the digital copy of Frozen officially being released today, I thought the perfect way to celebrate would be to have a Frozen-inspired drink!

The Olaf's "In Summer" is a fruity and tropical drink that depicts an unfortunately melted Olaf, with the sunshine overhead.  Or at least that's what I was trying to achieve with it.  Here's how to make it!

You will need the following ingredients, as pictured above:
  • 1 oz. Malibu, or other coconut rum
  • 1 oz. vanilla vodka
  • 1/4 oz. triple sec
  • 1 oz. cream of coconut and 1 oz. water OR 2 oz. cream of coconut and 2 oz. water*
  • Squeeze of lemon (about 1/8 of a lemon), plus some for garnish
  • Blueberries, for garnish
  • Sugar, for garnish
To start, add the Malibu, vanilla vodka, triple sec, cream of coconut, water, and lemon juice to a shaker full of ice.  Shake the mixture and set aside.

Rub some lemon on the edge of the glass (mine was a wine glass, because that's all I have, but it would look really cute in a martini glass) and use the lemon juice to dip the edge of the glass in sugar and create a pretty, sparkly rim.  It ends up looking like snow packed together.
Add your mixture from the shaker into your glass, and garnish with a slice of lemon on the edge to look like sunshine.  Then, carefully drop three blueberries (mine were frozen, which might have helped them float) into the glass to look like Olaf's coal buttons that are laying in the puddle of melted snow.

Your final product should look something like this!

*About the mixture of water and cream of coconut.  The stuff that I had, Coco Real, was really thick and really sweet.  The first time I made the drink, without adding water, it was almost unbearably sweet as well as really syrupy.  I started again, using equal parts Coco Real to water, and it turned out much better.  I used 2 oz. of both, but if you prefer a stronger alcohol taste, just use 1 oz. of both!  Or, with a different brand this might not even be necessary.  Be aware of the product you are using.

This drink would also be really good as a slush.  If you do this, don't add the water with the cream of coconut, and just blend it up with some ice.  Olaf won't even appear quite as melted!

Check out my other Disney cocktail recipes: Aurora in the CloudsThe Enchanted RoseI Just Can't Wait to Be Lion King

What movie would you like to see me base my next drink on?  Let me know in the comments!

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Monday, February 24, 2014


Hey there, followers of Young Adult Disney!

I am so excited that I will be in Disney World for spring break in TWO WEEKS!
Throw back to being in Indiana Jones last spring break! (I'm in pink).
As a small update, I figured I would inform you about some new ideas I'm trying to integrate into the blog.

I've already started doing so, but I am going to try to consistently post once a week, every Sunday between 5:00-9:00 PM eastern time.  In addition to this, I might throw in a post mid-week if I'm not very busy with school or if there is something special and Disney-related going on!

I am thinking about trying to integrate a video in here every so often.  I'm not very experienced in video editing though, so that's pending.  If I do so, the first will be in about two weeks and will be about packing for Disney!

I want to try and increase viewership here, so I'm looking for suggestions.  Would you like to see a giveaway?  More social media integration?  More "Disney at Home" type stuff?  A specific topic you'd like me to write a post about?  Let me know in the comments.

Until next time!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Planning Fastpass+ at Hollywood Studios

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Finally, it's only 2 months (60 days) until you leave for Disney, which means that you need to start making Fastpass+ selections!  However, you aren't sure which lines are typically longest and which rides you should skip entirely, which makes the 3 ride limit even more difficult to contend with!

I'm here to help.

Here are some things to keep in mind:
  • Regardless of what you pick ahead of time, you can make last minute changes with your smartphone.  This is especially important to keep in mind if you get to a ride you have reserved, only to find that the stand-by line is really short.
  • The Fastpass+ system is new, and that could throw off what typically has a long standby line and what doesn't.  This also means that the Cast Members might still be learning all of its quirks too.  Have patience.
  • If you can, you might want to go to Hollywood Studios multiple days to take advantage of more than one Fastpass+ in the first tier rides.
  • For more information about reserving Fastpass+ in general, check out this page: Reserving Fastpass+

This breakdown will be a lot like the last Fastpass+ post I did, Epcot, because of the tiered system in these two parks.

Since you can only pick one of these, I'm going to suggest preferences based on multiple factors/experience.

First Priority
  • With a speed of 0-60 in mere seconds, loops, and rock music blasting into your ears for the duration of the ride, Aerosmith's Rock 'n' Roller Coaster is fast, fun, and truly worth riding when in Hollywood Studios.
  • Because it is one of the most intense roller coasters in Walt Disney World, the lines to this ride are often really, really long.  It is unlikely that you'll want to skip it, so grabbing the Fastpass+ is likely your best bet.
Why Not:  If you've ridden this roller coaster before, and decide that you want to experience one of the other Fastpass+'s in the first tier, this is one you can skip.  Especially when it's a lot easier to get Fastpass+ for the roller coasters in Magic Kingdom and Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom.

Second Priority
  • This was a REALLY close contender for first priority, because of it's popularity.  The lines for Toy Story Midway Mania are often just as long as Rock 'n' Roller Coaster.  When paper Fastpass's were still being distributed, most planning websites instructed vacationers to go straight to this ride to get their Fastpass when entering the park.  They often ran out by lunchtime.
  • The advanced technology and friendly competition associated with this ride make it a must-do for all ages (thus leading to long lines).
Why Not: Toy Story Midway Mania is really an amped up version of Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Spin in Magic Kingdom.  If you end up riding that, you might find that this one is worth skipping so that you can have the Fastpass+ for Rock 'n' Roller Coaster or the other first tier rides.

Third Priority
  • Though the 10,000 person amphitheater is huge, it often fills up.  To avoid having to arrive far ahead of time, grab a Fastpass+ and relax.
  • This show is really an amazing spectacle, more than just fireworks, and is a must-see.
Why Not:
  • It's a 10,000 person amphitheater.  If you arrive early enough, you will be able to find a seat.
  • There are two showings a night, and the second is often less crowded than the first.  Since you're likely traveling without a small child, there is no need to get back to the hotel for bed that early.
If you don't get a Fastpass+, here are some tips:
  • Arrive around an hour early for the first show, and 45 minutes early for the second.
  • If possible, go to the second showing.
  • The first 12 or so rows can get sprayed by the mist from the show.  If you don't want this, make sure to sit a little further back.
  • There is a concession stand in the back of the amphitheater for a snack while you wait for the show to begin.
  • There are no "bad" seats.  The action surrounds the island that the story takes place on, so don't feel obligated to sit in the front and center.

Fourth Priority
Why: Fans of Beauty and the Beast will really enjoy this live-action, shortened rendition of the show.  It's very well done and definitely worth attending.

Why Not:
  • There are usually around 8 showings of this a day, and it is advised that you only show up 20 minutes in advance to get a seat, so there is likelihood that you really won't need the Fastpass+.
  • There are enough princess themed things in Magic Kingdom and even Epcot.  You might want to skip this one if you're not exclusively about the Princesses.  There are a lot of other really cool shows in Hollywood Studios.
If you don't get a Fastpass+, here are some tips:
  • Sit in the middle or back of the theater in order to be able to see all of the set and props throughout the show.
  • Arrive 20 minutes before your desired showtime.

Last Priority
  • Why: This ride showcases some of the great movies, and features many authentic props from movie history in the queue and on the ride.
  • Why Not:
    • Some people consider this to be a must-ride, while others think it's boring and not worth the time spent riding it.  If you've never gone on it, you might be better off just waiting in line and not getting the Fastpass+.  The line is mostly inside and typically not too long of a wait.
    • If you are a group of two, you can go to the "Party of 2" line and get on the ride much quicker!

Other Attractions

These are the other options available to fill the other 2 Fastpass+ spots in Hollywoods Studios.  There are some really good options here, many of them with typical long waits to ride, others that you can often hop right on.  

There are some pretty obvious choices in this category, especially if you have an interest in a specific movie (i.e. Star Wars or Indiana Jones).  But for those having a hard time making the choice for the last two spots, here's an analysis of each ride.

  • Pick this: Because really, Tower of Terror is a Disney World staple.  And for good reason.  It's seriously awesome.
  • Why: It's a classic that is still really thrilling (scary, even?) every time that you ride it.  If this is your first trip, you can't miss it.  If this is your 34th trip, you can't miss it.  There is nothing like the windows opening up and letting you look out at the park for that split second.  And the stand-by line is basically never short.
  • Why Not: you don't like heights.  (Boyfriend refuses to ride this with me.  So I just ride it myself)

  • Pick this: if you are a big Star Wars fan.  Or, really, if you have never seen Star Wars.  This ride is really awesome regardless.
  • Why: The virtual reality of this ride is really cool, and makes you really feel like you are a part of the Star Wars movies, whipping through space and encountering characters from the movie. And honestly, I hadn't seen Star Wars until this past summer, so I never knew the story line when riding this.  It was still one of my favorite rides.
  • Why Not: if virtual reality makes you sick.  Or if you aren't going during a peak season in Disney.  Since this ride has a large capacity, the lines often don't get any longer than 40 minutes.

  • Pick this: because really, just look at the title.  It's pretty much one of the most bad-ass things on Disney property.
  • Why: This show will have you on the edge of your seat.  You'll be afraid that the cars are going to crash so. many. times.  And just completely impressed that the drives are so precise and amazing at their jobs.  It's a must see.
  • Why Not:  There are a few shows a day, and the stadium is huge.  Sure, the Fastpass+ would probably guarantee you good seats, but there are huge screens that project the highlights clearly, in case you miss something.

  • Pick This: If you are a huge Indiana Jones fan, or like nostalgia.
  • Why: This show might be a little less intense than Lights, Motor, Action, but what it lacks (which is very little) in fire and explosions, it gains in story telling.  If you've seen the Indiana Jones movies, and reference to this show in media (Full House, anyone?), or just want to have some fun, definitely make a point of going to this one.
  • Why Not: There are multiple shows a day, and plenty of seats.  It is really unlikely that you'll need a Fastpass+ to get a good seat.
  • If you do go to this show:
    • In the queue line, pull the rope if you have never done so before.  Disney magic is fun.
    • If you want to be part of the show, sit as close to the front as you can.  When they ask for volunteers, do not hesitate.  Not even for a second.  And don't be afraid to act crazy, because it's all about having fun!

  • Pick This: If you are a Muppet fan or if you need a good laugh.
  • Why: This show, though it probably needs updated, it really funny.  Even the queue line provides silly things to look at while waiting, though you probably won't have that long of a wait.
  • Why Not: Lines are not that long.  Go, but don't get a Fastpass+.

I think this speaks for itself.
If you go to this, I really hope you have a young child with your party as well.

If it wasn't obvious...
My recommendations for this tier would be:
First Priority: Tower of Terror
Second Priority: Star Tours, Lights, Motor, Action, or Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

This really is up to your discretion, and what you are most interested in about this park.

Other things I want to add:
Reality is, many of the attractions are time consuming in Hollywood Studios.  Much of what is available are shows, and even some of the rides (The Great Movie Ride, Studio Backlot Tour - not a Fastpass+ option) are time consuming themselves.
  • Definitely try and plan what you're priorities are and take a look at showtimes before entering the park.  It's a pain to make such a detailed itinerary, I understand, but to get the most out of Hollywood Studios it's pretty necessary.
  • If you don't feel like planning everything precisely, stack your Fastpass+ choices (for rides, primarily) in the evening.  The times of the shows are concentrated before 5:00, so for your best chance at seeing everything you want, schedule Fastpass+ after 5:00 pm.
  • Table-service dining options aren't spectacular in Hollywood Studios.  Keep that in mind in your planning as well, because you might need to skip table-service that day, or leave the park to dine at a nearby resort instead.

My next Fastpass+ park will be Animal Kingdom...
but my next post will likely be a Frozen-themed cocktail (since the digital copy of the movie is being released on Tuesday!!)

Until then, comment with feedback or questions.
I really want to know what you think!!

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Counting Down to Disney

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As of today, it's 22 days until my Disney vacation!  I am getting so anxious to be there, especially with the northeast U.S. covered in a thick sheet of fluffy white nonsense (snow).

I really can't wait.  So I've come up with (and found online) a few ways to countdown to your vacation!

1. Written Countdown

This one is pretty obvious.  Get a whiteboard or chalkboard, change the number of days until your vacation each morning!

2. Paper Rings

Sorry for the mirror selfie.  But in my dorm, I have (currently 22) paper rings hanging on my closet.  Each day I rip off a paper ring, and the chain gets shorter and shorter, as my vacation gets closer and closer!

I found this idea on Pinterest (and HERE is an even cuter example I just found), and though it's created for little kids, I actually really enjoy it.  And it's super inexpensive.

3. Countdown Letters
For Valentines Day, I gave Boyfriend 24 envelopes, each with a number of days until we leave for Disney on them.  I put a notecard with a reason that I love him on each (since, you know, it was Valentines Day), so it can help him get excited for our trip and bring a smile to his face everyday!

You could definitely be creative with what you put in each envelope, or even make boxes with candy, trading pins, rare facts about the parks, and so on.  It's something you can definitely personalize for the person you make it for!

4. Computer Backgrounds

I edited pictures from Boyfriend and my Disney World trip last year, each with a number of days until arrival at Disney.  This could also be done with basic picture of the park (which I might make myself and upload for others to use).  It takes a little bit of work, as well as time to change it everyday, but I love opening my computer to a different picture and decreased number of days!

Obviously these many, many more ideas for countdowns, so if you have ever done something different or have an idea of a cute countdown, comment and let me know!  Or send me pictures of your countdown envelopes or chains!

Happy Planning!

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Buzzfeed: 18 Reactions We All Had While Watching Frozen.

I just had send this link to the Buzzfeed article "18 Reactions We All Had While Watching Frozen."

Partly because it's all so true.

Mostly because I enjoyed reliving the movie through all the Frozen gifs.

Enjoy! :)

Click me!
^link to Buzzfeed.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Enchanted Rose Cocktail

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Hey there!  Welcome to a new type of post on Young Adult Disney!  The "Disney at Home" category.    Since trips to Disney tend to be expensive, and us 20-somethings can't always go for one reason or another, these posts (of various types) will be adult-like ways to still experience our love of Disney, but from the comfort of our own home.

This past Friday I had a few friends over to de-stress from classes and watch Beauty and the Beast.  To accompany our screening, I made this cocktail, which I called The Enchanted Rose.
It's pretty simple, you just need the following:
  • 3/4 ounce (half a shot) grenadine (mine was homemade, directions to follow)
  • 1 1/2 ounce (one shot) Bacardi, or other light rum
  • 1/2 cup Sprite or other lemon lime soda
  • Strawberries, for garish
To start, add the grenadine and rum to the glass.  Mix them together (feel free to do this in a shaker if you're making a few at once).  This allows the grenadine to thin out a bit so that it mixes better with the Sprite, and doesn't stay syrupy on the bottom of the glass.  Then slowly pour the Sprite on top of the mixture.

To cut the strawberry into a rose, just thinly slice the edges, working inward, until you are satisfied with the shape.  I watched this video to help me figure it out.  Cut a slide into the bottom of the strawberry and slip it on the edge of the glass, and that's it!  You're done!

I really enjoyed the bubbles in this drink from the Sprite.  It reminded me of the petals falling from the rose throughout the movie.
Also, if you're interested in making a drinking game from this, we were drinking when the following happened:
  • The characters sang
  • A word was said in French
  • Belle changed her dress
  • A petal fell

I also wore my Beauty and the Beast tank from Hot Topic.  Theming is everything.

The countdown.

OH!  And the homemade grenadine recipe!  You'll need 100% pomegranate juice (like POM Wonderful) and sugar.  I know, the pomegranate thing is weird, but apparently, though it tastes like cherry, grenadine is actually made with pomegranate!

Anyway, add 1/4 cup sugar to 1 cup of pomegranate juice and allow to boil until it thickens a bit.  It can be stored for a month in the fridge.

I recommend the homemade grenadine because it seemed to keep the red color pretty dark, whereas store-bought grenadine might leave it looking a bit more pinkish.

And that's it!
So tell me, did you like this type of post?  Would you like to see more like this?  What movie should I base my next cocktail on?  Let me know in the comments!

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Planning Fastpass+ at Epcot

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Your Walt Disney World vacation is only 60 days away!  You've gotten the go-ahead to start picking Fastpass+ attractions, but with a limit of only three a day, you aren't sure what to choose! 

Epcot definitely has less options than Magic Kingdom (the topic of the previous post) does, but the tiered system in Epcot definitely makes choosing rides a bit more complicated.

Here are some things to keep in mind:
  • Regardless of what you pick ahead of time, you can make last minute changes with your smartphone.  This is especially important to keep in mind if you get to a ride you have reserved, only to find that the stand-by line is really short.
  • The Fastpass+ system is new, and that could throw off what typically has a long standby line and what doesn't.  This also means that the Cast Members might still be learning all of it's quirks too.  Have patience.
  • If you can, you might want to go to Epcot multiple days to take advantage of more than one Fastpass+ in the first tier rides.
  • For more information about reserving Fastpass+ in general, check out this page: Reserving Fastpass+

The breakdown this time will be a bit different than Magic Kingdom, because of the headliners group.


Since you can only pick one of these, I'm going to suggest preferences based on multiple factors/experience.

First Priority
  • Soarin' is one of those unique, Disney only experiences that I personally find to be the highlight of my day at Epcot.  The feeling of being in a hang glider is exactly what I would imagine it to be in real life, and the smell-o-vision makes this entirely sensory experience that is paralleled by none.
  • Because of this, the lines for Soarin' are often some of the longest in all of Walt Disney World.  Riding it without Fastpass+ could mean lines of 80 minutes, and often even longer than that.
Why Not: Though the experience is amazing, Soarin' isn't the most conventionally "thrilling" of the rides at Epcot, and true thrill seekers might want to instead choose the next option.

Second Priority

  • Test Track is the most roller coaster-like you will find in Epcot.  The ride takes you through a simulated test for a new car, and along with the speedy loop around the outside of the building, takes you through hot, cold, and wet conditions, brake tests, and other standard car tests.
  • Another fun aspect is creating a vehicle prototype in the queue line, and receiving points regarding how your car handled during the test after the ride is completed!
Why Not First Pick: Because of the interactive queue line, as well as an average of somewhat shorter standby lines and the option of waiting in the single rider line, I recommend that Soarin' be chosen before Test Track.  However, if you can go to Epcot two days, I would definitely pick this as the headliner on the second day.

Third Priority
  • Why: Illuminations is a beautiful display at the end of the night, but all areas around the water get packed with people trying to have a good view of the display.  Choosing this Fastpass+ will guarantee you a view of the show!
  • Why Not: You can still view the show without this Fastpass+, your view just might not be quite as good.  Unless you get there early!
    • Another option is to plan your dining reservations for Illuminations.  Many of the restaurants around World Showcase offer seating that is great for viewing the fireworks.  I ate at Rose and Crown during my last visit and had an amazing view...and got to sit and eat dessert!

Last Priority
There might be an information overload for this one, sorry guys!
I'm a science major.  So I really like this one.
  • Why: This ride shows various experimental techniques of providing larger masses of food for a growing global population.  It shows the riders the plants associated with some of their favorite foods (coffee and chocolate, for example) as well as demonstrates interesting new growing techniques.
  • Why Not: The line here is often much shorter than the other two top choices in this tier.  This ride, while very interesting, is definitely not as thrilling and memorable as Soarin' or Test Track.  I would suggest just waiting in the standby line for this one.
(If you enjoyed this ride then consider going on the Behind the Seeds tour, which takes you on an hour-long walking tour and gives a more in depth look at the research.  It is $20 a person, and sometimes requires a call-ahead reservation, but walk-up is available if spots are open.  Also, if you enjoyed this ride then try the foods for the lab by eating at Sunshine Seasons (quick service) or Garden Grill (table service), both in the Land Pavilion.)

Other Attractions

These are the other possible picks at Epcot.  There are plenty of great options here, and can easily be tailored particularly to the interests of the group.  Some are more fun, some educational, and some you might pick for the love of a character. 

The thing about these attractions is that the lines tend to be pretty short, typically under half an hour.  Planning this might be more about proximity to other plans on your itinerary, or for nostalgic purposes.  It's totally up to you!

  • Pick this because it's awesome.  Honestly, I was surprised it wasn't a headliner attraction.
  • Why: Mission: SPACE is a really fun attraction that simulates a trip to Mars, and uses authentic space training technology.  There are 2 options, Orange, which replicates G-forces experienced in real life launch and re-entry, and Green, which does not induce G-forces, using only simulated motion technology.  Those prone to motion sickness should likely stick to Green.
  • Why Not: The line, especially if you are choosing Green, is often not very long at all, making the Fastpass+ obsolete.  However, Orange tends to be a little longer, so if you know you want that thrill, definitely grab a Fastpass+.

  • Pick this if you love character interactions.
  • Why: This is a chance to interact with Mickey, Minnie, and another character.  This is a great place to get that coveted Mickey picture during your vacation, and Fastpass+ might be a great way to get it taken care of without standing in a long line.  It's also great to get pictures with 3 of the fab 5 (Mickey, Minnie, and then either Pluto or Goofy) in their classic attire.
  • Why Not: During my last trip, this line wasn't really all that long.  It's in a somewhat hard-to-find location, and I think that leant itself to the somewhat short wait.  However, because it is a Fastpass+ option, this might cause people to seek it out more often, and waits to be long.

  • Pick this for something to ride while exploring World Showcase.
  • Why: This is a cute ride that tells you a little about the history of Norway.  There is a fun part where your boat switches direction and you go down a hill backward.
  • Why Not:
    • Though the ride is "cute," there is nothing all that notable about it.  The hill backward is fun, but that very brief moment is not worth using your headliner Fastpass+.
    • Often the line isn't much over 20 minutes.  This was an exception for me on the last trip, because it was raining, and the queue is inside, so many people rushed toward this ride.

  • Pick this if you love Finding Nemo, or fish.
  • Why: In this ride, you ride your shell car through the aquarium, looking at the fish while technology integrates Nemo (& Friends) to look like they are swimming in the aquarium as well.
  • Why Not: Again, lines are often tolerable on their own.  Also, this ride is slow, and though it is "cute," unless you're a big Finding Nemo fan, it might not be worth waiting or using a Fastpass+.

  • Pick this again, if you love Finding Nemo, if you enjoy watching little kids be cute, or if you are interested in technology.
  • Why: This 15-minute show allows the audience to talk directly with Crush from Finding Nemo.  You can ask him questions, and he might even address you by name.
  • Why Not: Sometimes, Crush talks solely with the kids in the theater.  Though the attraction is really neat, it might not be worth it to use a Fastpass+ just to watch.

  • Pick this if you need something to fill your schedule on your way to the World Showcase (entering from the Canada side).
  • Why: This ride addresses the 5 senses, and how they interact with the imagination.  Figment, the purple dragon that used to have a much larger role in Epoct, serves partly as your guide, and takes you through a "lab" that has different areas for sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste.
  • Why Not: After a refurbishment years ago, this ride has lost it's nostalgia and the line tends to be very short.  In addition, it is designed very much with younger kids in mind.

  • Pick this if you love the 80's, or if you love Michael Jackson.
  • Why: This attraction is a tribute to the most expensive music video ever made, Michael Jackson's Captain EO.  It is fun and nostalgic, and a little silly since it's based off the 80's music video.
  • Why Not: Unless you are a big Michael Jackson fan, you'll likely find this pretty outdated, even with the 2.0 revamp that includes 3D.

My recommendations for this tier would be:
First priority: Mission: SPACE
Second priority: Epcot Character Spot, Maelstrom, or the Seas with Nemo & Friends.

However, that's totally up to your discretion, and might be different based on your particular interests.

Something else I want to add:
There is so much to do other than these Fastpass+ attractions in Epcot.  Here are some things to keep in mind when you are there, or planning your day there ahead of time.
  • The World Showcase, though it lacks rides, it a great place to wander around and just take in how detailed each country is made.  Go into the gift shops and follows the little sidewalks.  Though you aren't riding anything, if you take the time to appreciate them, the Showcases are truly an experience in themselves.  And each has a different kind of country-specific alcohol.  In case you forgot.
  • The Innovations Plazas (East and West) might seem a bit dull at first, but you might want to explore them.  Some really interesting science demonstrations (Take a Nanooze Break and it's example of nanotechnology, for instance) are happening here.
  • More importantly, in Innovations East, you can ride Sum of all Thrills, where you can design a roller coaster, then hop into the simulator to ride your design!
  • Make sure to check out Club Cool.  On the future world side, past Spaceship Earth, you can find a sign that says Club Cool. This area sells Coke products, but also has a soda machine that allows you to try some of the most popular Coke products from places all over the world, including Peru, Italy, and Zimbabwe!

Next, I'm going to analyze Fastpass+ attractions in Hollywood Studios!
Until then, feel free to comment, leaving feedback or questions!

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